Sometimes we get caught up in bad habits or no habits.  We often try to sound like someone else when we sing, push for a note that's just out of reach, wonder how to gain breath control, stay on pitch, get in our own head, negate taking care of our voice, don't practice well, are too tense/strained and/or even more common vocalist things.  You're not alone.  Bottom line-- each of us need to GROW OUR VOICE.  

This mini-course was developed by VoiceBox Fitness, crafted by a Hunter Mariano, a SoCal-based singer, vocal coach, and worship leader that seeks to help people grow to their maximum potential.
Instructor: Hunter Mariano of VoiceBox Fitness
Hunter is a SoCal based singer, vocal coach, creator of the Voice Box Fitness Formula - where the hard work happens behind the scenes. Hunter is dedicated to 1 thing. MASSIVE success for his clients.