Welcome to Lifepoint Celebrate Recovery, we are so grateful you are considering attending our group.

We are a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind. Celebrate Recovery at Lifepoint Church is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life. We are part of a large recovery forever family with over 35,000 groups worldwide.

Our focus is to recover together, each at our own pace, through practicing the 8 recovery principles and 12 steps. You will be greeted with love and acceptance by our trained leaders, who too, are experiencing recovery from life’s hurts, hang-ups and habits.

Meet our LPCR Leaders.


Our LPCR group is led by Richard and Dara Cobb who have been involved in Celebrate Recovery since 2004. Together they served as Alabama State Rep from 2006 until 2015 and currently lead as the CR International Directors on the National Team.

Dara grew up a preachers kid and was saved at the age of 5, she always wanted to be a missionary but by 17 she was running away from God and searching for the perfect love to make her happy. 30 years of love relationship addiction and three divorces brought her to a place she knew she needed help.

Although Richard was in church as a child when he became a teenager he turned toward drugs, alcohol and inappropriate relationships. After years of addiction he lost a daughter with his first wife that awakened him to his need for Christ. He surrender to Jesus in 1980 and attended Heritage Bible College receiving a bachelors degree in religion. Then 13 years later, relapsed for 5 years.

After a divorce and his 1st wife’s suicide he got involved in divorce care, and eventually met Dara when she attended the group. When the group completed they dated for a year and married. Neither of them had really dealt with their past hurts or habits but thought they were fine, and began leading a Celebrate Recovery program in 2004, only nine months after their marriage. Through the step studies and the 8 recovery principles they learned how to take off our their mask and be real about sharing their life with others.

Now they are committed to helping people find recovery and becoming everything God has for them. They are about making disciples.

Large Group

Large Group is a Coed group that takes place on Tuesday evenings from 6:30PM - 7:30PM.

Open Share Groups

Open Share Groups are gender and issue specific. They take place on Tuesday evenings from 7:30PM - 8:30PM.

Chemical Dependency Goups

Chemical Dependency Groups are designed to help assist people who have struggled with any aspect of chemical dependency. They are a part of the Open Share Groups.

Life Struggles Groups

Life Struggles Groups are designed to help assist people who have struggled with any aspect of life. They are a part of the Open Share Groups.

Crosstalk Cafe

Crosstalk Cafe is a Coed gathering designed to facilitate fellowship between attendees.

Step Study Groups

Step Study Groups are designed to assist attendees in their journey to recovery. Times vary and sign-up is required to attend. You can click here to register.
All small groups will follow the five guidelines to ensure that your small group is a safe place:

  1. Keep your sharing focused on your own thoughts and feelings. Limit your sharing to three to five minutes.
  2. There is NO cross talk. Cross talk is when two individuals engage in conversation excluding all others. Each person is free to express his or her feelings without interruptions.
  3. We are here to support one another, not “fix” another.
  4. Anonymity and confidentiality are basic requirements. What is shared in the group stays in the group. The only exception is someone threatens to injure themselves or others.
  5. Offensive language has no place in a Christ-centered recovery group.

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