The Purpose of Our Worship Team

We strive to create an authentic environment (with minimal distractions) that encourages people to worship God while depending on the Holy Spirit to transform lives.

The Values of Our Worship Team

  1. Preparation - We prepare musically and spiritually to be lead worshipers, helping our gathered church to honor God through singing and other worship elements.
  2. Relationships - We value one another and act like it. When we don’t agree with someone, we assume the best in that person and trust their heart is good. We pray for, encourage, and connect with our team!
  3. Stewardship - We have been given this ministry to care for and improve. It’s not ours, but we take ownership of it. We are serving for this season, but we hold our positions with an open hand.


Our team members have what we describe as "The 5 C's."

1. Character

Our team exudes integrity, a healthy spiritual walk, and more.  They possess a high degree of character, which is needed in order to lead our church in any capacity, not just in worship.

2. Craft

Our members have skill, experience, ongoing commitment to  growth, and leadership ability. We believe 1 Chronicles 25:6-8 sets a precedent--Worship Team Members need to be skilled. Therefore, they have submitted to a process to qualify them.

3. Chemistry

We each have respect for other team members and there is camaraderie between us.  Why? We want to have a great team culture and and maintain the reality that we're the family of God--together.

4. Calling

They have a sense that God is leading them to serve. How is that affirmed?  Worship Leadership has interviewed them and has a sense that they are a good fit and are led by the Spirit.  They have availability that allows them to serve.  Honoring God and serving his people is at the heart of their calling.

5. Connection

Members are connected to Lifepoint Church. They are known by others and they know others. They are involved and actively attending. They want to serve this church and our people, not simply just play music.

Sounds Great. 
How Do I Join?


Let us know
you're interested.

Then you'll receive our New Team Member Interest Packet via email.


See if we're
a good fit.

Read over the information on our team and process.
When you're done and if you feel good about everything, move to step 3.


Apply to
our team!

Fill out the application at the end of the interest packet you receive and we''ll contact you from there!


Are you saying that right now?

We provide* music and A/V support to our ministries and members for events and opportunities.

*ability to fill needs based upon team/asset availability.


Portal & Resources

Our team uses the Church Center app to communicate, share prayer requests, access a team directory, drop resources and links, provide a living calendar, allow push notifications to members' phones, and help us remain connected with Lifepoint more easily.  There are also a few resources right here if you need them quickly!

Have questions about Worship and/or Production at Lifepoint?