LP Students exist to effectively equip every student to know, show, and love the Gospel of Christ.

We meet on Wednesdays at 6pm at 400 Grant (across from the main LP Building). Come hang out with us. We hang out, worship together, hear a message from God’s Word, and meet in small groups for discussion and application to end the night.

On Sunday mornings, we encourage students to attend one Worship Gathering and serve in another Worship Gathering. Because serving others is biblical and central to our faith, we encourage students to find a ministry where they can serve and contribute. Opportunities to serve our community outside of the church will be available as well.

Beach Camp

Beach Camp is officially back!! We are headed back to Gulf Shores Beach Retreat from June 28th to July 1st! Pastor Gabe will be speaking and the LP Students Worship Band will be leading.
Cost is $325! You can reserve your spot today for $50!


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